Having a baby is an emotional journey like no other. The rollercoaster of emotions can be overwhelming and you can easily get lost in all the advise about how you should raise a child. At Nurturing Flows, we aim to inform and empower you to make your own decisions, for your own unique tribe in a way that is true to you.

Our baby classes are all gentle in pace, busy enough to keep little ones interested and can be easily adapted to better help suit the individuals in the class. Each class has some dedicated time to socialise too, meaning you can get better acquainted with your fellow parents. It takes a tribe to raise a child and at Nurturing Flows, we strive to help you find yours.

May pay-as-you-go options currently available.

June blocks are now available for booking; pay-as-you-go options available from the 27th of May.

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Nurturing Buds

A weekly class for baby and their primary care giver

Explore baby massage and some gentle sensory play as we learn about our fourth trimester baby

Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to around 5 months.

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baby massage

peer support


Nurturing Blossoms

A weekly class for baby and their primary care giver

Practice some baby yoga and sensory play as we start to focus our attention on the developmental leaps

Suitable for babies from around 5 months to around 10 months.

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Picture of Nurturing Blossoms

baby yoga

peer support

developmental leaps

Picture of Nurturing Blooms

Nurturing Blooms

A weekly class for baby and their primary care giver

As your baby begins to move more, so too does our class become more chaotic, wild and baby led with fun movement songs and rhymes.

Suitable for babies from around 10 months to around 18 months.

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songs & rhymes

peer support

baby led play

Nurturing Branches

A weekly class for 1 or 2 babies/children and their primary care giver

The content of this unique class is guided and designed for the age and stages of the children attending. It is also the only class where siblings can come together.

Suitable for babies from around 5 months to 4 years.

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explore themes

peer support

connect & bond

"Myself and my little boy enjoyed Lesley’s classes... Its not just a class for the babies - its a space for us mummies / carers to ask questions, get support and advice. We have met a lovely bunch through the classes and have kept in touch. It’s been amazing to watch all the little ones interact and grow."